July and August at Steps

Get excited !!!!– we start the month with a service of Believer’s Baptism on July 5th, to be witnessed in the pool at Milborne Port Primary School when Sui –ching will share her faith in Jesus, and demonstrate her faith in Jesus, as she is baptised.

A bring and share fellowship lunch to follow!

Our teaching for these 2 months:

“ In those days Israel had no king; everyone did as they saw fit” Judges 17:6….

You might say today that even though we have a Queen, a government, established practices of law and order – some even might add decency, seeing as we live in a civilized society; everyone still does what they want. What happens if they are denied? Well there are a succession of courts, appeal procedures, complaint desks, customer services etc etc to make sure you are being treated totally in line with your rights, human, statutory and personal ( are there anymore?) and you are not offended, discriminated against or wronged. As we look at the book of Judges together over these next few weeks, what differences will we see between our world today and the time of the Judges. One thing is for sure, and it is very sad – in those days ‘Israel cried unto the LORD’ Today?

A big thank you to our speakers this month and to all those who are going to be leading us as well.

Messy Church

On Sunday 12th July you have your next opportunity to bring somebody along at 3p.m to share together in Messy Church. Church in a different way! And even more different this month as we feast together at the Messy Church BBQ A great opportunity to bring friends and neighbours along for an afternoon of crafts, games, a lot of fun and fabulous food! We meet in the playing fields at the primary school and in the school hall……..be there!!!