February 2016

Do you sometimes wish that you were noticed just a little more than you are by others? – perhaps even, being more significant in the eyes of others? February is blessed with Valentine’s Day – you might answer the above positively if those cards with hearts on, flood your post-box! But what is real love anyway? And what about all those challenges life seems to put in my way? – can I deal with them? Will I?

We will look at these issues during February, through sharing God’s word together. I hope you will find great encouragement. God loves you, far, far more than you think.

Do you have a Twitter account? – maybe not, but if you do – you may follow the lives of famous people and receive the opinions etc. they may have, sent to your Twitter account. Likewise, people might follow you, and take a passing interest in your life. There are many people who claim to be “Followers” of Jesus. But what makes a follower of Jesus rather than being just an admirer of him or even a ‘fan’? At the end of February we begin a new series, exploring together what it means to be; “Not a Fan – but a Follower”!