About Us

About us.  We are a group of people who love Jesus Christ and are committed to serve Him in the Church and local community, seeking to show by example that Jesus really does make a difference to us.
We believe that the bible is one way that God speaks to us, and we try to live our lives according to biblical principles, with the help of the Holy Spirit whom God sent to be with us.  Steps is an independent Church, who are self-supporting and affiliated to Rural Ministries.

Morning Worship.
This is the focus of our church’s life.  We worship and serve the living God who has the power though His Son Jesus Christ, to bring love, peace, joy and a sense of purpose to our lives, by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Our service begins at 10.30am on a Sunday morning and we gather for tea and coffee before the service at 10.15.  It’s a great time and you will be warmly welcome.