June 2015 at Steps

We often hear the cry; ‘I wish I could hear properly what God is saying to me’. Habakkuk said, “I will stand on my guard post…” (Hab. 2:1). Habakkuk knew that to hear God’s quiet, inner thoughts, he had to first go to a quiet place and still his own thoughts and emotions. Take a look at Psalm 62:5, it encourages us to silence our souls before God. There is a deep inner knowing in our spirits, that each of us can experience when we quieten both our bodies and our minds. If we are not still, we will sense only our own thoughts. Be still.

The month of June – warm days ( please!) – long days, with sunny evenings, a time again to take advantage of hearing what God wants to say to us, by being out in His creation and drinking in its beauty and life. Perhaps this month – if you want to hear from God more specifically about His will for your life – make a date with Him, take the time – He has the time, He is the Lord of time and …find a quiet place to listen.

Our teaching this month:

Jesus empowers us day by day as we trust in Him to help us deal with each of life’s issues and challenges. We are coming to the end of our current series this month; Jesus empowers us to overcome. We find between ourselves and Jesus, is the world……… the world always gets in the way of our hearing Jesus speaking to us, the world tells us we don’t even need to try to listen to what He is saying. It is good to grow in good things– no more so than in our faith. We’ll be looking at that and how also we can rise above the world’s pull day by day. To follow on – we are going to spend just a few weeks in the Book of Judges;

“ In those days Israel had no king; everyone did as they saw fit” Judges 17:6….

and it wasn’t good!. We are going to look at how God raised up both men and women to lead God’s people back to Himself – more than once!  For us today, we have Jesus who shows us the way to our Father God, but it still takes men and women to help others find that way.

A big thank you to our speakers this month and to all those who are going to be leading us as well.

Messy Church

On Sunday 14th you have your next opportunity to bring somebody along at 3p.m to share together in Messy Church. Church in a different way! An informal and friendly time, to which everyone is invited. For many folk, this is the only opportunity they will have to engage with Jesus and us! – can you help to make that a good experience? Come along, bring your friends and neighbours too!