October at Steps

On Sunday mornings during October at STEPS, we are continuing our series:

Adventures with Abraham’

One strength of Abraham – his faith pleased God.

One weakness of Abraham – when under pressure, he distorted the truth.

An ordinary man, called by God to do extraordinary things.

As we face our daily challenges, we will learn this month that obedience to God’s ways are  far better than following our own ways. He desires us to depend on Him, trust Him, have faith in Him as opposed to having faith in our own ability to please him. All the decisions we make have long term affects, on ourselves and on others. Should that not cause us to think carefully and seek God’s guidance as we make our choices and act on them each day?

We have much to learn from Abraham –

Abram believed the LORD, and he credited it to him as righteousness. Gen 15:6
On Sunday evenings during October:

The Jesus Lifestyle

Radical Living or Desperate Living?

What has Jesus to teach us about Living and Acting with Integrity – Sex in the 21st Century – Marriage and Divorce and, How do we respond to difficult people?

Come along at 6.30p.m. – armed with some cake to share! –  and join in as we explore how Jesus teaches us to live in this day and age and make a positive difference to our own lives and the lives of those around us.

Each one of us can make a difference. Together we make change. Barbara Mikulski

Harvest Thanksgiving

On the 19th October, we will be giving thanks to God for His goodness to us by providing us with an abundant harvest of wonderful foods. Please join us as we give thanks in a practical way by bringing non-perishable foods, (tins/pasta/rice/cereals etc) as part of our offering,  to be distributed to the local food banks and then onward to those who are less fortunate than ourselves.


We welcome once again at STEPS,  the opportunity to support the work of Blythswood – through collecting things to fill shoe boxes to send out to make a difference to those in Eastern Europe and beyond this coming Christmas. On the 21st October, there will be a presentation by display of the work of Blythswood in STEPS. Please invite friends and neighbours to come along and see the results of this valuable work. You can catch a coffee at the same time.